Rizky Keep it Simple

we are working on adding more useful tools in the near future ..
  • Time Range Calculator

    Have you ever wanted to calculate hours worked or just wanting to know time spans between two or multiple times given quickly? Then this little tool for calculating is the perfect tool.

  • Generate Random Numbers

    Need to generate random numbers with a specific length or a minimum or maximum range then this easy to use random number generator is perfect, you can also choose how to sperate them ie commma or semi colon or even show as a list.

  • Password Generator

    A quick and easy password generator where you can generate upto 200 passwords at a time with options to choose length and how many non Alphanumeric Characters are required, also sperate them as a list or seperator.

  • Age Calculator

    Quickly find an age by entering a date of birth, can also be used to find total days and hours.